A Clas Builders & Design, Inc. is a full service residential contractor in L.A


A Class Builders is a full-service general contractor, was formed in the year 1990 engaged in various business activities and is the one of West Los Angeles general contractors.  Our company is supported by a devoted team of professionals all of whom have worked unselfishly towards blending themselves into a strong business team to achieve common goals of the company. From this point we have been able to pass milestone after milestone in terms of successfully completing every project that had come to our way over the years. We started from an absolutely clean slate and have never rejected any project entrusted to us in spite of the fact that we are pioneering in new fields involving high technology or were simply executing daily routines. From a simple maintenance project to design-build of a fast track facility, we execute each project with accuracy and in scholastic manner. We listen to your goals so that we may work out a strategy to successfully build what you want.

At A Class Builders our primary goal is exceeding our clients’ expectations in the whole construction process. Our values of integrity, honesty and accountability extend to all aspects of the project from estimating through closeout. We believe that an open communication between the project team and customer is a most important component for success of each project. Our experienced project managers and knowledgeable administrative staff offer a wide range of expertise enabling us to satisfy numerous clients. Well trained inspectors and craftsmen offer years of experience ensuring we deliver the highest quality product. We make efforts to bring honesty and good old-fashioned hard work to every project. We have earned an unblemished reputation among our customers by outlining their expectations during initial discussions, getting to know customers personally, providing the highest level of quality and safety.

A Class Builders provides following General Contracting Services.

  1. Preconstruction.  We have our own definition of the term “preconstruction.” We understand that preconstruction services are not about measurements, quotations, or estimating a building’s cost. Preconstruction is about people’s communication. It is defined by relationships and respect based on our reliable, honest consultations and advice. We fulfill our promises and prevent our clients from potential issue before the first shovel touches the ground.
  2. Construction Management. We are proud of our approach and have made great success to bring up a spirit of collaboration, cooperation and respect with partners and subcontractors. Our years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the markets we serve gives us a solid competitive advantage on construction management cost projections. And thanks to our strict pre-planning we think through every haphazard, determining and managing risk for our clients early on.
  3. Design-Build. In the design-build project, we act as the only center of contact and responsibility for a project schedule quality, and cost adherence. Our in-house engineers can find optimal solutions for efficiency of any project plan and have saved clients millions of dollars and months off schedules. Our use of design-build services, just-in-time delivery and off-site prefabrication minimize waste, clashes, labor and surprises.
  4. General Contracting. Tight coordination of job sites and a trustworthy partnership with subcontractors and other partners is the key to delivering quality projects on time and on budget. Our general contracting teams take pride in their relationships with subcontractors and other partners and work hard to encourage cooperation and mutual respect on all our project sites. Through detailed schedules, safety plans and cost control reporting, our general contractors are able to closely monitor and quickly determine issues that could impact the budget and project timeline.

When hiring A Clas Builders in West Los Angeles you can expect to receive the best quality service, excellent workmanship, fair pricing, on-time delivery, and complete satisfaction. Call us today and get your project started!

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