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Deck Construction

Adding a Deck

A Clas Builders & Design, Inc. has been in business more than 20 years building superb outdoor living spaces. Creating an outdoor oasis where family members and guests can gather together to relax and spend time together will add value to your home and increase your enjoyment. We build custom decks designed around your specific needs

Adding a comfortable yet functional deck onto your home is our main goal. You can bring us with your ideas, whether they come from magazines or photos. We will do our best to give you the look you envision. The build our decks and patios to last, with treated cedar wood, composite, along with PVC and concrete that all have a similar aesthetic looks and appeal. Our Company is highly qualified with decades of experience building all kinds of custom decks, stairs and handrails. Because we use top quality building materials we can create decks that are safe for family enjoyment and durable enough to last for many years.

We can help you choose from an array of styles and finishes for your deck. Before we start building anything we will have worked out a detailed design and plan of action. Every detail will be discussed with you in advance as to how you intend to use your deck, the flow of traffic into and out of the house and onto the yard, the type of functionality you need, where the stairs will go, the type of railing design and anything else you may need. If you already have a design completed, we can certainly build it to the exact specifications.

A Clas Builders & Design, Inc. creates the design for a custom deck according to what our customers need and want but we always discuss costs so that any adjustments can be made to accommodate our customer’s budget. We will do as much as we can within your budgetary requirements.

One of the most common mistakes people make when designing a deck is by thinking it can be attached to an existing ledger board. Another mistake is made in trying to exactly replicate an older deck. Taking this approach drastically limits your options and prevents any real creativity. Home builders often think of adding a deck more as an afterthought and they add a ledger board that may not be adequate or even properly attached.

The door to your house will be the primary access point for your deck. Where the door is positioned will determine the initial elevation of the deck. Decks lower than 30 inches above grade won’t do not need guard rails. If you have a low deck the ground beneath it can be concealed from view, but insects and small animals will tend to make it their home. You also need to think about ventilation so that your low deck has a source of air to prevent mildew and mold from taking hold.

A higher deck will give the appearance of a floating platform. These do require guardrails and of course a staircase will be needed. High decks allow people to take in the view of the surrounding area and landscape. The area beneath is perfect for storage as long as it is built so that it doesn’t allow for seepage or moisture coming in on a rainy day.

If your deck is well designed to fit with your house it will enhance the look of the entire structure and your surroundings, but if the design is carelessly done it will only draw attention to whatever flaws exist to your home. The size and shape of your lot will determine the position of your deck. Whatever landscaping you have, any small trees, AC units, and vents can all be adjusted to accommodate your new deck. If you have large trees the deck can be build around them and it can be quite beautiful, as well as providing shade.

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